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Friday 2nd September

Opening Night
Kirriemuir Town Hall
Where You're Meant to Be
The Angus debut of a film that follows Scottish cult-pop raconteur and former Arab Strap frontman Aidan Moffat as he tours Scotland in 2014, performing his modern reinterpretations of old folk songs. It was meant to be a tour that celebrated communities and lore. But just before they hit the road, Moffat met Sheila Stewart, the 79-year-old force of nature, the last in a line of travelling folk royalty, and a balladeer whose life - and unexpected death in 2014 - upturned Moffat's folk assumptions, and diverted the course of Fegan's film. The ensuing film is a warm-hearted journey through music, mortality, landscape and time. It's also a moving, wry and enlightening depiction of two of Scotland's most distinct and vital voices as they cross paths and words. Moffat believes that Scotland's oldest songs are ripe for reworking against a contemporary urban backdrop. Stewart does not. Moffat and Fegan came to Kirrie Festival in 2013 to film/research and are returning with the finished article. The film is rated 15 and contains very strong language. Not for the easily offended.

Festival Opening Concert
including songs from
Joe Aitken
Geordie Murison
Aidan Moffat
(who feature in the film)

Tickets £10 for the whole event
Saturday 3rd September

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Forfar Instrumental Band
The Square
2.00 - 5.00pm

Prizewinners Concert
Kirk Hall, Square
7.00 - 9.00pm
Tickets £5

Concert Ceilidh
Bowling Club, Brechin Road
8.00 - 10.30pm
Tickets £7

Concert Ceilidh
Airlie Arms
Start 9.15pm
Tickets £7

Masonic Hall
Sunday 4th September

Kirk Service
The Glens and Kirriemuir
Old Parish Kirk
with Angus Strathspey and Reel Society

Angus Heritage Week Talk
Pete Shepheard & Jimmy Hutchison talk about the first Blairgowrie festival, the travellers, the berryfields, and the founding of the TMSA.
Thrums Hotel
12.15pm to 1.15pm
Admission free

Concert Ceilidh
Thistle Club House
Kirriemuir Thistle Social Club
2.00 - 5.30pm
Admission £7

Survivors' Ceilidh
Airlie Arms
Featuring surviving guests and others
Start 8.00pm
These happen across town during the Festival. Regular venues include Kerymor Tavern (up from the campsite on Glamis Road), Three Bellies Brae (generally instrumental in the main bar, and singing sessions through the back) Roods Bar, Airlie Arms (doonstairs lounge) and Thrums Hotel. We've put some of the usual sessions & venues in the programme to give everyone a better idea of what goes on. Festival guests, local musicians, and your hard-working committee members will be around to help things along. This is just a guide however; visiting musicians are welcome to start an impromptu session wherever appropriate.

STOP PRESS: In 2015 we bade fond farewell to the Rennie's Shop session, with Geordie & Mary retiring and their shop to be sold. No sale has been concluded however, so the empty shop session is on (10.00am—6.00pm). There'll be plenty soup & bannocks, but no so many bicycle tyres and hoover belts.
Airlie Arms Lounge Bar
Kerymor Tavern 9.00pm
Three Bellies Brae: Afternoon & Evening
Rennie's Shop: All day
Thrums: 2.30pm
Airlie Lounge: 3.00pm (singaround)
Sunday Afternoon

Three Bellies Brae

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